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Exactly Just What Is Actually The Goal Of Business Intelligence Bi Quizlet – The UEFA European Championship, the Euro Nations Cup, or Euro 1960, is Europe’s biggest intracontinental competition. Who has scored the most goals in the Euros? Or in other words, who are the all-time top scorers in the European Championship?

Well, if you want to know EURO all-time top scorers, here is the place. We are going to inform you about the 17 best soccer players from different European countries who have scored the most goals in the Euros.

Exactly Just What Is Actually The Goal Of Business Intelligence Bi Quizlet

Players with fewer than 5 goals are excluded, and many players have actually scored the same number of goals; We don’t mean you shouldn’t expect a list of different numbers of goals, however, the goal-to-appearance ratios are different and we’re going to let you know about those as well.

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? As we already said the number is 17 – actually having 5 goals or more. Stay tuned to know who they are.

He actually scored 14 goals in 25 appearances in five editions of the Euros (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020), which gives him a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.58, meaning that the top Portuguese footballer scored around 3 goals (exactly). 2.9) in all 5 Euro matches he participated in.

Ronaldo is the only footballer to score in three Euro finals and the only footballer to score in 11 consecutive matches in the same competition; No other footballer on the EURO all-time top scorers list has ever achieved it.

Although the legendary French footballer Michel Platini is second only to the great Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in the list of all-time top scorers in the European Championship, he has the best goal-to-appearance ratio on the list: 9 goals in 5 matches in an edition of €1.80; Originally the 1980 version of the competition.

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No other footballer on the list has such a good goal-to-appearance ratio, although some footballers are still in the business and will improve their ratio in the years to come. If Platini had scored one more goal, he would have scored exactly two goals in every Euro match he has played in.

Regardless, Platini’s current goal-to-appearance ratio doesn’t surpass that of any other footballer on the list. To inform you more about Platini’s Euro goals, we must say that the legendary French footballer scored most of the goals scored by France in Euro 1984. In fact, 9 out of 14 goals, he was named the top scorer in the same competition.

, Alan Shearer participated in three editions of the UEFA European Championship, namely the 1992, 1996 and 2000 editions of the competition and scored 7 goals in all 9 matches he played in these editions of the Euros. That actually gives him a better Euro goal-to-appearance ratio than Ronaldo: 0.78, meaning he scored 1.5 goals in every two Euro matches he played.

Euro 96 was actually the edition of the Euros in which Shearer had the most impact of the three editions of the competition he participated in. He was named Euro 96 top scorer with 5 goals; He won the Euro 96 Golden Boot and was also named in the Euro 96 team of the tournament.

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He has a better Euro goal-to-appearance ratio than the two previously mentioned footballers – we mean Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Shearer. He scored 6 goals in 7 appearances at Euro 2016, which actually works out to a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.86. Just one goal is enough and he gets a ratio of 1.

Griezmann actually progressed to the Euro 2016 final with the French national team, but finished as runner-up, however, the fact that he was there until the final of the competition had its impact: he was named the Euro 2016 top scorer; He was named Euro 2016 Player of the Tournament, selected in the Euro 2016 Team of the Tournament and won the Euro 2016 Golden Boot Award.

The first Dutch footballer in the list of all-time Euro Cup top scorers, Ruud van Nistelrooy is a 44-year-old retired footballer who has participated in two editions of the UEFA Euros during his playing career: the 2004 and 2008 European competitions. He scored 6 goals in 8 matches and had a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.75, meaning he scored 1.5 goals every two Euro matches.

Although van Nistelrooy had a good Euro goal-to-appearance ratio, he was not the top scorer in either of the two UEFA European Championships he participated in. Van Nistelrooy’s only achievement was a place in the UEFA Euro team for the Euro 2004 tournament.

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Another great Dutch footballer in the list of all-time Euro Cup scorers, Patrick Kluivert is a 44-year-old retired footballer who, like his teammate Ruud van Nistelrooy, participated in two Euro matches, namely the 1996. 2000 editions of the competition. His Euro goalscoring stats are slightly worse than Van Nistelrooy’s; He actually scored 6 of his Euro goals in 9 appearances, giving him a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.68 – compared to Van Nistelrooy’s ratio of 0.75.

However, unlike Van Nistelrooy, Kluivert became the top scorer of one of the Euro matches he participated in, scoring 5 goals jointly with Serbian footballer Zavo Milosevic. He also won the Euro 2000 Golden Boot and was selected in the squad for the same tournament.

Here comes the second and final English footballer on the Euro Cup all-time top scorers list: Wayne Rooney. He is now 35 and retired from professional football; 2020-21 was actually his last season. Rooney has a slightly worse Euro goal-to-appearance ratio than the two other Dutch footballers already mentioned. He actually featured in three editions of Euro 2004, 2012 and 2016 and scored 6 goals in 10 appearances, giving him a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.6.

As you might have guessed from Rooney’s Euro goal-to-appearance ratio, he hasn’t finished top scorer in any of the Euro competitions he’s been in. Never won the Euro Golden Boot but was named once in the same competition in 2004. Team of the tournament.

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One of the greatest footballers of all time in the history of French football, Thierry Henry is a 43-year-old retired footballer who participated in 3 editions of the UEFA Euros, namely Euro 2000, 2004 and 2008. Actually he scored 6 goals. His 11 Euro appearances, therefore, make his Euro goal-to-appearance ratio the lowest of all other footballers on the list.

: 0.55 which means he scored a little more than 1 goal (1.1 to be exact) in every two Euro matches he played.

. He was also named in the UEFA European Championship team of the tournament that same year. Despite all the individual honors and trophies to Henry’s name, he has never won an individual UEFA Euro trophy.

The 39-year-old striker is still in business despite his age. In fact, he retired from international football in 2016 but still plays for Italian club AC Milan. Ibrahimovic took part in 4 editions of UEFA Euro 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 and he scored in the first three.

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Ibrahimovic’s Euro goal-to-appearance ratio is lower than all other footballers already mentioned in this post: 0.46, which comes from 6 goals scored in his 13 Euro matches, which means he scored one goal in every two (0.92 to be exact). Euro scenes.

Ibrahimovic has many individual honors and records, 6 of which are UEFA Euro honors. Euro 2004 Man of the Match (Sweden vs Italy), Euro 2008 Man of the Match (Sweden vs Greece), Euro 2012 Man of the Match (Sweden vs France), Euro 2004, Euro 2012 Tournament Goals – vs. The teams mentioned above – have been called up for the Euro 2012 Team of the Tournament.

He is also the second and last Portuguese footballer on the list of all-time Euro Cup top scorers with 6 goals. With one more Euro game than Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 14 in fact and the same number of goals – Nuno Gomes has a lower Euro goal-to-appearance ratio than Ibrahimovic, albeit only by a very slim margin: 0.43.

He was part of the same team that finished runners-up in Euro 2000 and third in Euro 2004. He was also named in the Euro 2000 team of the tournament. Although he participated in Euro 2008, neither he nor the Portuguese national team won a trophy in the competition.

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, Zao Milosevic is a retired 47-year-old striker with the second-highest Euro goal-to-appearance ratio on the list. He actually only appeared in one Euro edition (2000) and scored 5 goals

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