Qué Es Vibrant Business Intelligence Inteligencia De Negocios Dinámica

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Qué Es Vibrant Business Intelligence Inteligencia De Negocios Dinámica – An in-depth PowerPoint training deck covers how organizations can digitally transform themselves for rapid growth. Have a PPT slide on DNA and exponential organizational characteristics. It covers aspects of digital transformation planning with maturity assessment and readiness, leadership roles, digital maturity models, digital transformation plans, and roadmapping. PPT modules cover the strategic objectives of digital transformation, new digital products and services, value proposition design, the benefits of data-based decision-making, business intelligence in the data era, and project selection and prioritization. It also has steps for starting a digital transformation initiative and tips for a successful digital transformation journey. Furthermore, the PPT deck has key takeaways and discussion questions to create an interactive training session. It also contains templates about us, vision, mission, goals, 30-60-90 day plan, timeline, roadmap, training completion certificate, energizer activities, client training proposal, and evaluation form.

Presenting the Training Deck for the Implementation of Digital Transformation in Organizations. This presentation deck contains 117 well-researched and uniquely designed slides. These slides are 100 percent made in PowerPoint and are compatible with all types of screens and monitors. They also support Google Slides. Premium Customer Support is available. Suitable for use by managers, employees and organizations. This slide is easy to customize. You can change the color, text, icon and font size to suit your needs.

Qué Es Vibrant Business Intelligence Inteligencia De Negocios Dinámica

This slide illustrates an introduction to exponential organization. It emphasizes that exponential organizations have significant impact or results due to new techniques that use accelerating technologies. They are transformative in purpose and scale rapidly, allowing them to grow bigger, faster, and cheaper than their competitors. It also cites examples of well-known exponential organizations such as Netflix, Tesla, WhatsApp, and Uber.

Pdf) Competitive Intelligence And Firm’s Performance In Emerging Markets: An Exploratory Study In India

This slide describes information about exponential organizational DNA. Data, disruption, openness, flat structures, small teams, hiring rather than owning, and little faith in five-year plans are all part of it.

This slide presents information about Massive Transformative Goals in Exponential Organizations. It highlights that a big transformative goal is a necessity for every exponential organization. It also mentions MTP examples of Tesla, Unilever, and Google.

This slide describes the characteristics of an Exponential Organization. These characteristics are interface, dashboard, experimentation, autonomy, social, on-demand staff, community & crowd, algorithm, leveraged assets, and engagement.

This slide describes information about maturity and readiness assessments. It emphasizes that the digital readiness assessment is a comprehensive examination and comparison of a company’s digital maturity. It also discusses digital readiness assessment factors from strategy, customers, competition, organization, and technology.

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This slide illustrates the various levels of digital readiness. It can be used to assess the level of digital readiness of individual employees or the entire workforce.

This slide describes the Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment Exercise. It also emphasizes several statements that can be used to assess the capabilities or maturity level of an organization.

This slide describes the role of a digital leader. These roles are: strategy and planning, project management, team management, and project implementation.

This slide shows information about the digital maturity model. It highlights that the digital maturity model is a framework for evaluating and understanding the current state of digital maturity of companies. It also mentions Google and the Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Maturity Model.

Pdf) Introduction: Special Issue On Business Intelligence And Big Data In The Travel And Tourism Domain

This slide describes the introduction of the digital transformation plan. It highlights the steps for planning and executing a digital transformation plan.

This slide describes the road map for digital transformation. The steps to build a digital transformation road map are: Creating a vision, mission, and values, getting people onboard with the digital transformation plan, setting KPIs, establishing accountability, allocating time and budget, taking a gradual approach etc.

This slide represents an introduction to culture in the digital age. This emphasizes the importance of developing a corporate culture that encourages innovation and creativity in business. It also states that managers and employees must learn digital skills to cope with digital transformation. Furthermore, creating an environment that encourages innovation and the exchange of ideas will allow team leaders to identify weaknesses in the company or employees.

This slide describes the four pillars of digital culture. The four pillars are collaboration, data-driven, customer centric, and innovative.

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This slide describes critical imperatives for fostering a digital culture such as looking outward, not inward, delegating over control, encouraging boldness over caution, doing more, planning less, and value collaboration over individual efforts.

This slide illustrates the impact of digital transformation on corporate culture. The way digital transformation can affect company culture is adaptation, cooperation, consumer orientation, innovation, and leadership.

This slide describes the challenges organizations face when implementing a digital culture. The challenges are inertia to abandon existing processes and cultures, infrastructure costs, resource allocation, inefficient adoption of automation, and skills challenges.

This slide shows how important employees are to organizations when it comes to digital transformation. Mention that organizations need to understand their employees, value them, recognize their knowledge and insights, etc.

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This slide illustrates the benefits of digital transformation for employees. The benefits are increased productivity, better data insights, flexibility and agility, better customer service, higher profits, better accuracy, and better employee engagement.

This slide describes information about change management in the context of digital transformation. It emphasizes that change management is the effective and efficient implementation of technological changes, procedures, and even corporate goals at the individual, organizational, and corporate levels. It also provides an example of organizational change.

This slide describes the reasons for resistance to change when implementing change management. It also discusses the internal and external forces that contribute to organizational change.

This slide shows a change management strategy. These strategies include: starting from the top, ensuring change is necessary and desirable, minimizing disruption, promoting communication, recognizing that change is the norm rather than the exception.

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This slide describes an overview of the digital employee experience. It emphasizes how effectively people interact with digital devices in the workplace, to be engaged, smart, and productive. It also mentions that interacting with technology is part of the digital employee experience.

This slide illustrates how the employee experience affects the business. It also highlights that employee engagement leads to customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity, worker performance, etc.

This slide describes information about employee onboarding in the digital workplace. This suggests that a positive onboarding experience is important in determining a new employee’s relationship with the organization.

This slide illustrates the importance of employee onboarding in business. It emphasizes that improved employee onboarding performance can increase employee retention, encourage employees to perform at their best, and help organizations attract top talent.

Implementación De La Transformación Digital En Las Organizaciones Capacitación Ppt

This slide describes information about employee engagement in the digital workplace. It emphasizes the benefits of employee engagement, such as increased profits, lower turnover, increased revenue, less absenteeism, etc.

This slide describes information about new digital products and services. It emphasizes that new digital products and services are entirely new in delivery methods, core value propositions, and unique business models. It also states that Digital Transformation requires the creation of smart new products, especially new products with built-in digital technology, combining software and hardware to provide new functions to customers.

This slide describes information about the lean startup methodology. It emphasizes that the lean startup approach is the road map to running a business. The goal is to find product-market fit by iterating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) through a Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.

This slide describes product strategy information for product managers. It also emphasizes that the product strategy is the plan that helps the organization realize its vision. It also mentions the components of a successful product such as product vision, product strategy, product roadmap, and product backlog and implementation.

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This slide shows the framework of playing strategy to win. The elements of the framework are the aspiration to win, where we will play, how we will win, the skills we must have, and the management system we will need.

This slide represents an overview of new product innovations. It emphasizes introducing new or improved goods or services in terms of their characteristics or purpose. It also states that product innovation requires a product or service to be new or better in terms of features, intended use, software, usability, components, or materials.

This slide describes information about product value proposition design. The components of the value proposition canvas are the value map and the customer profile. It emphasizes that customer profiles include customer jobs, benefits, and pain points, and that value maps include gain creators, pain relievers, and products & services.

This slide describes the value proposition canvas. It highlights how to design FedEx’s value proposition, including customer profiles and value maps.

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This slide illustrates data-driven decision-making information. It emphasizes that data-driven decision-making uses data points, metrics, and facts to guide strategic business decisions. It also mentions that business intelligence tools provide data, accessible to everyone, that allows you to make decisions.

This slide shows the steps of Data-driven Decision Making. These steps include understanding the context, defining KPIs, visualization, action plans, prioritizing decisions, execution, analyzing results, learning from them and changing your action plan.

This slide illustrates the benefits of data-driven decision making. These benefits include valuable insights, continuous growth, improved program outcomes, forecasting of future trends, and actionable insights.

This slide describes Business Intelligence (BI) in the data age.

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