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Charlotte Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation – You Deserve Quality Legal Representation for Your Personal Situation You’ll find it here at the Law Offices of Theodore A. Maloney, PLLC in Charlotte, NC

The Law Office of Theodore A. Maloney, PLLC offers personal assistance to those facing immigration issues, those charged with crimes, those injured in accidents, in the Charlotte, NC area. Our legal team assists individuals with immigration issues throughout the United States. We also offer assistance with personal injury cases throughout the state of North Carolina. For those charged with a crime in the Charlotte area, count on us to vigorously defend you in court, protect your rights, and seek the best resolution possible.

Charlotte Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation

Facing all kinds of problems with immigration can be overwhelming, but with The Law Office of Theodore A. Maloney on your side, you can rest easy knowing your case is in good hands. Our law firm wants to help individuals find quality resolutions to their cases. If you would like to speak with our attorney about your personal situation, please contact our office.

Basic Things To Understand About Immigration Law

The Law Offices of Theodore A. Maloney, PLLC provide a wide range of immigration assistance. For the past 19 years, Theodore A. Maloney has helped individuals and their families with a variety of immigration matters, including:

Our attorneys are committed to helping members of the immigrant community understand immigration law and will help them use it to understand their specific situation. Immigration issues can affect your life and the lives of you and your family members. Count on our firm to help you in any way necessary to achieve what you need.

Whether you have an immigration problem, have been charged with a crime, or have been involved in an accident, you will find the legal help you need at The Law Office of Theodore A. Maloney. Reach out to our Charlotte law firm for help with immigration, criminal defense, personal injury, and help with your uncontested divorce. The Starr Law Group is a multi-practice law office that focuses on three core areas of law so that we can provide the most effective and diligent legal representation to all of our clients. Our firm focuses on client representation in the following areas: Financial Investment Litigation, Immigration, and Personal Injury. Let us help you! Contact us today for a free consultation.

Starr Law Group has extensive experience handling cases related to Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law and Securities Fraud & Negligence. We excel at personally guiding you through this complex legal process, explaining every step. Whether you need advice or legal action, we are here to represent you and your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We are the right law firm at the right fees!

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In 2020, there are several Immigration changes that may affect your eligibility and reduce your chances of success. An experienced immigration attorney can make the difference between being denied and losing money and time. I have kept up with all the new laws and will make sure you are always on the right path and on the path to success.

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I came down to the house and the Client felt very comfortable sharing the problem with me. Quality communication strengthens the bond between Lawyer and client for best results.

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Prepare and File I-130 Petition, Prepare and File I-485 Application, Prepare and File US Citizenship Application, Motion to Reopen or Reconsider Denied Green Card Application, Respond to RFE from USCIS, Visa Extension Application, Consular Processing for Immigrant Visa , Immigration Form Review, Immigration Interview Preparation and Attendance, Discussing and Solving Problems for clients.

Documents Required for Green CARD – Marriage based. 5 documents you must have ASAP before applying for your Green Card through marriage 1. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE 1:04 2. BIRTH CERTIFICATE (TRANSLATED) 3. PROOF OF LEGAL ENTOT (I-94) 4. ADDRESS AND…

Alex V Muntean, Lawyer In Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. I’m 17 and gonna immigrate to the US in the next few weeks. I’m worried about the having trouble finding me

A: Hey there, it depends on what you searched for. If there is a suspected threat to National security, there may be further investigations. You have a better chance If you really haven’t been convicted of any crime. Also the student Visa is a non immigrant visa, so it is better to explain it as Entering the United States for School rather than Immigration to the United States if asked your purpose at the border. Good luck!

Q. I lost my i94 and my passport in a house fire. My wife has citizenship and wants to propose me. I want to prove the entry

A: Do you know your passport information? You can potentially get your I-94 online. Or a FOIA request for your immigration records which should include I-94 information. You may need to get a new passport at this point. Good luck!

The Best Questions To Ask Your Immigration Attorney

Q. I married a Filipino girl in Costa Rica. How do I get him back to the US legally?

A: If you are a US citizen or resident, you start by filing a family-based petition for your wife and provide evidence that the marriage is real, such as photos and other shared documents in the marriage. When the petition is approved, the next step is the immigrant visa application before he comes to the USA. We offer a number of immigration services including Family / Marriage Green Cards, US Citizenship, Business Visa Immigration, Waivers of Inadmissibility, US Visas, K1 Fiance Visas, Status Removal on Green Card, Consular Immigration Assistance, Applications for LGBT Immigrants, Deportation / Withdrawal Defense, Deferred Action Process, and more. We represent our clients before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), the Executive Office for Immigration Review (“EOIR” or “Immigration Court”), the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”), and consular posts around the world. .

Asylum, Citizenship, Deportation Defense, Family Visa, Green Card, Immigration Appeal, Investment Visa, Marriage & Fiancé(e) Visa, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Work Visa

Video Testimonials: Jose Jiménez UEFA Pro License Coach Video Testimonial: Jose Jiménez UEFA Pro License Coach Video Testimonials | Charlotte Immigration Law Firm Video Testimony: Adjusting Status in Arizona Abogados de Inmigracion en Charlotte NC 704-944-3239 Consulte GRATIS con Abogados de Inmigracion en Charlotte NC! Representamos clientes con Defensa de Deportacion, Corte de Inmigracion, ICE, Petitiones Familiares y Para Victimas de Violencia, … Immigration in Charlotte NC | Charlotte Immigration Law Firm 704-944-3239 Charlotte Immigration Law Firm offers a full range of immigration services. Our immigration attorneys in Charlotte represent clients before USCIS, Immigration Courts, and consular posts around the world….

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Facebook LinkedIn Justia Alex V Muntean’s Profile Avvo Alex V Muntean’s Profile .com Alex V Muntean’s Profile Martindale ProfileBeth Sibley is available for many legal case needs in the Charlotte, NC, area. Sibley has been licensed to provide legal services to residents in Charlotte and elsewhere in North Carolina since 1999.

Sibley entered the legal field to provide the best legal representation to clients who need help the most. He understands that many legal cases are influenced by the quality of one’s representation. A high quality attorney will provide the best possible outcome in every situation.

It’s Sibley’s goal to make sure his clients get the results they deserve. He talks with his clients about their needs for their legal cases before they start and will plan a suitable approach for the job. The business is about finding the right solution that fits everyone’s life.

Beth Sibley is one of the best personal injury lawyers Charlotte, NC, residents can trust. Sibley provides support for people who are injured on the road. He represents victims of car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents.

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The Charlotte area is growing, and with that comes an increase in traffic. But the risk of a vehicle accident increases, especially as the streets are filled with people who are not familiar with the Charlotte area. There is also the possibility of people being injured by people who drive while drunk, distracted, or under the influence of various substances.

Sibley’s work will help accident victims and their families recover losses from medical care, lost income or wages, and pain and suffering resulting from injury or death. Sibley is open to all personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Charlotte is one of the most popular cities for people to immigrate to in North Carolina. But with this there are many legal issues surrounding immigration, including the potential for removal and the need to manage adjustment of status for a.

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