Civil Property Lawyer Near Me

Civil Property Lawyer Near Me

Civil Property Lawyer Near Me – Arjit is an experienced expert in commercial disputes and Property Rights. With over 8 years of experience in the legal profession, he has established himself as a sought-after legal expert. Arjit is an experienced expert in commercial disputes and Property Rights. With more than eight years of experience in the legal profession, he has established himself as a sought-after legal expert.

Civil Property Lawyer Near Me

Arjit is well-versed in pleading before various forums, including high courts, the Supreme Court and tribunals. He provides clients with an appropriate litigation strategy, taking into account their legal rights, interests, and commercial interests while paying attention to the aspects of jurisdiction. Arjit’s 360-degree exposure to all aspects of litigation has led him to formulate effective litigation strategies for clients.

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Arjit has also handled a wide range of contentious and non-contentious matters related to Intellectual Property and represented entities in IP infringement litigation cases. He is a trusted advisor to a wide range of clients including large corporations, technology companies, renewable energy companies, pharmaceutical companies, airline service providers, sports management groups, engineering companies, startups , and many famous business houses. , a chain of companies, and groups.

He has been recognized for his expertise by leading legal publications such as Forbes (India) and Asian Legal Business (part of Thomson Reuters). Prior to joining Prosoll Law to expand their commercial disputes and IP practices, Arjit worked with leading law firms such as Karanjawala & Co. and Law of Panag & Babu. His past experience has given him a solid foundation and a wealth of knowledge in the industry.

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We recently had the opportunity to interview Arjit Benjamin; Here is the transcript of the interview with Arjit Benjamin. Law Bite: Sir, you completed BBA degree after three years LLB course. Did you plan to pursue LLB after completing your BBA or did you consider this field while studying as an undergraduate?

Arjit Benjamin: By the time I finished school, I had started developing a strong interest in two subjects – studying law and business, and I knew that pursuing one of the two would be a step forward for me. me After much deliberation, I decided to pursue business management because the path to pursuing law in the future was still open. Although the course really helped me to understand and learn business concepts (including the basics of business, management, and entrepreneurship), I found that my connection to law did not fade away. In fact, I became more interested in subjects that were different from law, and after completing my BBA successfully, I finally decided to pursue law.

The same can be said about the conversation at the dinner table in front of me and my father. The combination of these two degrees helped me develop a solid understanding of business, entrepreneurship and legal concepts, especially in the areas of commercial disputes and intellectual property law.

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Furthermore, throughout my LL.B. During the trip, we enjoyed hearing the students give speeches, presentations, group discussions, etc., and I felt that participating in extracurricular activities provided practical experience. , helped me develop my research and writing skills, and gave me opportunities. look at what the outside world is doing. So, even in law school, I was one of the first to volunteer for moot courts, group activities like legal debate clubs, etc. We managed to make it to the semi-finals. I also took part in a mock competition where my team won the competition.

These experiences helped me develop leadership, teamwork, communication, and networking skills, which are essential for success in the legal profession. Many of these skills are not taught in the classroom and can only be enhanced through participation in extracurricular activities.

Legal Bites: Sir, internship is an important part in the life of Law students because it gives them the opportunity to experience different legal areas and explore their interests wherever they want to be. corporate job. So, can you share your internship experience and guide our students on the importance of internships in the life of a Law student?

Arjit Benjamin: Internships are a great way for law students to gain work experience, develop professional skills, network with legal professionals, and explore different areas of law. Law students who participate in internships are better prepared for the legal profession and gain a foothold in finding a foothold after graduation.

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No amount of classroom instruction or textbooks can replace hands-on experience. As a second step for a law student who is involved in their work as a professional, internships give students the opportunity to work on real cases and projects, helping them develop the practical skills needed to be a lawyer.

Internships also allow law students to work together with legal professionals. These connections are very important when it comes to finding a job after graduation because they get to watch you work and really assess the skills you bring to the table, rather than being evaluated. applications from new law graduates via their CVs. In fact, I was involved in organizations that exposed me to all areas – justice, business and IPR – which helped me determine my true calling. Interestingly, out of the five places I applied (Prathibha M. Singh Chambers, K&S Partners, Karanjawala & Company, Prosoll Law and Tatva Legal), I ended up working in two!

Legal Bites: Sir, you have worked with renowned law firms of our country, namely Inde Legal Services, Karanjawala & Company, and Panag & Babu. Can you tell our readers about your work and the area of ​​law that you have worked in?

Arjit Benjamin: During my tenure at Karanjawala & Co., the primary focus of my work was Human Rights, Business and Psychology. During my time with Price, I was fortunate to have 360-degree exposure to all aspects of litigation, including appearances, arguments, writing, and informing counsel. external and giving advice to my seniors on planning litigation strategy (both on Appeal and original side).

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I have previously handled Intellectual Property matters with contentious and non-contentious proceedings, both in the pre- and post-registration phases. During my short time at Panag & Babu, I used my learning to optimize litigation and dispute resolution strategies with Partners, provided legal advice and did a lot of consulting. At Inde Legal Services, I specialize in handling litigation in the Delhi High Court and High Court proceedings (on the Civil side).

Law Bite: Congratulations on your appointment as a partner at Prosoll Law, sir. Can you tell us about the industry and your experience working there? Arjit Benjamin: Prosoll Law was established by Advocate Harsh K. Sharma, and has a three and a half decade legacy as a distinct criminal and judicial practice. Over time, the agency has diversified to add specialized areas of practice to its portfolio, including procurement, anti-corruption, economic crime, white crime, property laws, family law, succession planning and environmental law, among others. The firm also plans to diversify into commercial and civil law matters due to high demand from clients who have seen a successful record of handling white-collar criminal cases.

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