Family Lawyer Free Consultation Calgary

Family Lawyer Free Consultation Calgary – Why Pro Bono Legal Services Are Provided by Law Firms, What It Involves, and Who Typically Receives It

Do you need free or low-cost family law help in Calgary, Alberta? Perhaps you need a free consultation regarding civil litigation, criminal defense, immigration, housing or wills and estates. But you don’t currently have the funds or income to hire a lawyer. If this is the case, finding an attorney who does “pro bono” work may be your best bet.

Family Lawyer Free Consultation Calgary

Pro bono legal services are defined as the provision of free or reduced-cost legal services by law firms or individual attorneys to people who cannot afford or qualify for the average attorney’s rate. It is an important part of any lawyer’s practice.

Pro Bono Day: Free Legal Consultations Tuesday July 18, 2023

Many community legal clinics, non-profit organizations, professional associations, government initiatives and corporate legal departments exist to make sure that the aggrieved get access to justice.

Volunteer attorneys and paralegals provide 30-minute consultations at each clinic for legal issues such as family law, wills, real estate, estate planning, civil law, criminal law and government benefits. After 30 minutes with a lawyer or paralegal, clients can receive further support from a paid staff attorney.

Whether you are looking for advice on family law matters in Calgary or a civil litigation matter in Lethbridge, one of the above area-specific legal clinics should be able to assist you. They each have experienced legal professionals skilled in various areas of the law who volunteer their time to help the victims with their legal matters.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are other professionals who may be able to assist you at a fraction of the price of a lawyer. As an example, using a divorce mediator instead of the best divorce attorney can save you tons of legal fees by reducing lengthy negotiations between attorneys and expensive court costs.

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Alberta lawyers provide thousands of hours of pro bono work to vulnerable people each year. In the past, the legal profession would only provide a small number of these services for free by donating their time after completing their own client work.

Today, with the rise of new technology and growing awareness of a greater need for legal services, a more ambitious approach has been developed. The goal is that lawyers must strive to provide – without fee – at least 50 hours of pro bono Publico legal services per year, with the emphasis that these services are provided to people with limited abilities or non-profit organizations that serve the underprivileged and vulnerable. .

Can I leave my spouse without getting a divorce? Can my spouse force me to move out in Calgary, Alberta? Attorney qualifications: A good family law firm must have a list of qualified attorneys who can make sure that all clients’ cases will be handled properly. Some criteria we used to judge it are as follows:

Credentials – They must at least be bar tenders and certified by the state to practice law to ensure that they do have a good knowledge and understanding of the law.

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Communication skills – The ability to discuss, persuade and question are important skills in the courtroom or during negotiations.

Efficiency – It is also important that they have the ability to analyze cases efficiently. They must also be resourceful in fact-finding and investigations.

Cost – Going through a litigation process can be expensive due to legal fees, processing fees, etc. It would be really helpful if these firms and lawyers charge reasonably to keep expenses manageable for their clients.

Availability – Most lawyers handle multiple cases at the same time, and some struggle to give the right amount of attention to all their clients.

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A good firm and lawyer should be able to manage their time well to ensure they are readily available when called upon.

Professionalism – Just like in any decent firm, it is important that everyone in their team is not only skilled at the job, but also practices professional work ethics.

Character integrity – They must be fair, objective, trustworthy and respectful, not only to customers, but also to everyone they work with.

Responsibility – It is also important that they are reliable, especially since we are talking about legal matters. They must be responsive, punctual and able to address problems if necessary.

The Cost Of A Family Lawyer In Calgary

One of the most trusted legal advisors for family matters in Calgary, Family Central Law Office lawyers now provide their services with a combined experience worth 23 years.

Although a fairly small team, with only four practicing lawyers, it is nevertheless a remarkable group of individuals who are friendly and passionate about what they do.

Perhaps this is also what gives them this close working environment where you can see the genuine compassion they have for people who need their services.

Each of the team has a field or practice in which they excel, but are nevertheless generally experienced in all legal family matters.

Pro Bono Law Alberta

They are true experts when it comes to divorce and family law, wills and estates, mediation and arbitration, and legal matters within family-owned corporations.

As lawyers, they go above and beyond, especially in sensitive cases such as custody cases, to make sure you are well informed and properly assisted.

Family issues can put you and your loved ones in very difficult situations. It is important that you can get the help of lawyers who have your best interests at heart and are eager to resolve your concerns as soon as possible.

Family Central Law Office has friendly attorneys who are like family and understand what families really need when legal issues arise.

Ramandeep Kaur Sidhu

To see if they are the perfect fit for you, you can conveniently schedule a free consultation with them through their website.

Divorce is one legal procedure that leads to further legal family issues such as child custody and property issues.

But before jumping into lawsuits, they are also excellent at mediation to help resolve disputes. They will help you come up with amicable agreements if you don’t want to take things to court and instead settle things within the family.

Although MM Family & Divorce Lawyers is made up of a humble team, with two practicing lawyers, both of them demonstrate exceptional credentials and experience in what they do.

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Atty. Miguel Mejia is well experienced in handling separation issues and all things post-separation related from child custody to marital property.

Also worth noting is how he can assist clients living in foreign jurisdictions such as the US, Russia, Australia and Mexico.

On the other hand, Atty. Mary Ali initially has experience in business and intellectual property, but later practiced family law and wills and estates where she can practice her profession where she can best help people.

Both lawyers are thorough in handling cases giving their clients the assurance that they are in good hands.

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They are also very objective and will outline reasonable expectations to give you the best course of action. They will really help you get the most benefits you can in your legal matters.

Because of their professionalism and expertise, they are even referred by other lawyers who are aware of their competence in family matters. When you visit them for a consultation, you will also conveniently enjoy free parking.

With an incredible pool of eight talented lawyers, Oakley Family Law is also a trusted name by the residents of Calgary to help them resolve legal matters within the family.

They are a highly diverse team that not only has excellent credentials, but also takes time to give back to the community. Some of them lend their help by providing pro-bono legal advice at charity or community events.

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Their founding counsel, Atty. Melissa Oakley is a strong advocate for youth and is an award-winning attorney recognized by her peers in the industry.

As attorneys, Oakley Family Law’s best business practices are anchored in conducting in-depth research to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

Their services are also very efficient. If you have a long-running case that doesn’t seem to be moving, you’ll see immediate progress once they take over.

They are also the best to give you the most cost-effective service so that you don’t exhaust time and money too much. If possible, you’ll even get your retention fees back.

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Their rates are quite fair and competitive, but note that attorney rates vary based on experience, which is fairly normal among attorneys in any firm.

However, what is most important is that they understand the challenges that people go through when it comes to family law cases, so they will help you find the best solutions with the least possible stress.

Initially established as Smith Law Office back in the 1980s, they were later joined by Atty. Charles Osuji in 2013 and by 2016, officially established Osuji & Smith Lawyers.

With more than 40 years in the industry now and under the leadership of Atty. Osuji, they are the 2021 Lexpert Rising Star winner and probably one of the most respected law firms in Calgary.

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In fact, they boast numerous awards and recognitions. They have been recognized by Three Best Rated for five consecutive years and have also garnered the Top Choice Award for Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Calgary.


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