Free Lawyer Consultation Indiana

Free Lawyer Consultation Indiana

Free Lawyer Consultation Indiana – Are you facing criminal charges in Indiana again? Our expert team of attorneys can provide you with the defense you deserve Call us now to speak with attorney Mark Lopez If you are convicted or convicted of a crime in Indiana you may face jail time, probation and fines. You also face a major impact on your quality of life Before you make a decision that could affect the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to contact Mark Lopez’s office. Mark Lopez has the experience and expertise to defend your case

Free Lawyer Consultation Indiana

The Mark Lopez Law Firm has been defending the rights of those charged with crimes in Indiana since 2009. Prior to this, Attorney Mark Lopez was a Deputy District Attorney in Marion County. The attorneys at his Indianapolis criminal defense firm have earned a reputation as courtroom champions, defending clients against a wide variety of charges and consequences. Call Attorney Mark Lopez today

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Experience Not all cases are suitable for a jury trial, but if yours is, you don’t want your trial to be your attorney’s first. Also, prosecutors keep track of which attorneys go to jury trials and which never do. When attorneys regularly go to trial, they usually receive better appeals from prosecuting attorneys Attorney Mark Lopez has successfully defended numerous clients in jury trials

Free Case Evaluation We understand that being accused or convicted of a crime can have a serious impact on your life. That’s why here at the Mark Lopez Law Firm we offer free consultations for all criminal defense cases It is not a good idea to go to trial without seeking legal advice from an experienced attorney. It’s best to call Mark Lopez today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options

Being convicted of a crime is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you This pressure can be relieved by contacting award-winning criminal defense attorney Mark Lopez Call 317-632-3642 today for a free consultation What makes Mark Lopez Law Firm different? If attorney Mark Lopez could use only two words to describe his primary professional motivation, those words would be helping people. Attorney Lopez is able to combine his two passions into a career as a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer, fighting injustice, which makes him happier than helping others.

Attorney Lopez knows how to handle these cases from a legal standpoint, but he also understands the emotional component required from this type of work. He is intimately familiar with the feelings of humiliation and helplessness that can follow an unexpected injury or criminal accusation. If you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney with the experience to handle your case and the sensitivity to recognize your specific needs. Mark Lopez is that lawyer Contact an experienced Indiana attorney today

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Before opening his own practice to embark on a project to make the world a better place, Attorney Lopez worked on the other side of the fence. As a deputy prosecutor in Marion County, he handled thousands of criminal cases, many of which went to trial. This provided him with an invaluable foundation of courtroom experience While working as a lawyer, he learned the hard way to spot potential weaknesses in state cases

Perhaps more importantly, he now has the ability to use that vulnerability to his client’s advantage Attorney Lopez believes strongly in the constitutional rights of every citizen and that those rights include the right to a fair trial. For a trial to be fair, the accused and the complainant must be represented and advised by an experienced and competent lawyer. Mark Lopez is that attorney, and he’s ready to help you If you need a defense attorney in Indianapolis or Indiana.

As a criminal lawyer in Indianapolis, I have represented people accused of a wide variety of crimes, from murder to petty theft. I have experience in all phases including jury trials, bench trials, suppression hearings, injunctive relief proceedings, appellate law and oral arguments, exclusion and sealing of records under the Indiana Second Chance Act, civil forfeiture, constitutional challenges. 42 USC 1983, restricted licenses and special driving permits, probation violations, and plea negotiations. During my career, I have handled thousands of cases and been lead counsel in hundreds of trials

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I have represented members of the legal community, including an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney and two Marion County Sheriff’s deputies. As members of the legal community, these individuals spend a great deal of time in court and have first-hand experience with many different criminal lawyers. These individuals, who were familiar with various Indianapolis criminal attorneys, were aware of the high quality legal representation that I provide and trusted me to act as their criminal defense attorney.

My office is recognized as one of the top ten law firms in Indiana by the American Institute of Criminal Attorneys, and I am recognized as one of Indiana’s top ten criminal defense attorneys under the age of forty. By the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys I taught criminal law at the Indiana University School of Law and served as a judge pro tem in Indianapolis. I have represented an associate criminal defense attorney, an Indianapolis Metro Police officer, and two former Marion County Sheriff’s deputies after they were arrested on charges of unlawful activity.

I filed the federal class action lawsuit Washington v. Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, which held that Indiana’s vehicle enforcement statute was unconstitutional under the Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution. I co-wrote the amicus brief in the US Supreme Court case Tims v. State of Indiana, in which the US Supreme Court held that Indiana’s seizure attempt was unconstitutional under the excessive fines clause of the US Constitution.

I have successfully filed more than a dozen lawsuits against the Indiana Department of Corrections challenging solitary confinement procedures under the Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution. I have brought several successful lawsuits against the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for arrests that violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. You can find additional information about my career as an Indiana criminal defense attorney and the cases I have handled on my News page.

As a criminal defense attorney, I take a client-centered approach to every case When you call my office, you will speak with me directly Absent emergencies, all client communications are answered within 24 hours, including weekends Additionally, in the absence of an emergency, I will advocate with you for every court appearance Some criminal defense law firms take an assembly-line approach to handling criminal cases, where a client is attended by a receptionist, paralegal, and various attorneys at each court appearance.

As a criminal attorney, I believe that this assembly line approach allows important information to fall through the cracks and that this business tactic is not in the best interest of the client. I treat each client as if I were in their shoes, talking to them and representing them directly I realize that each of my clients is a unique person with specific goals, and not just files As a criminal defense attorney, I believe it is my job to help you get through the most painful cases possible. I know that even the best of us as humans make mistakes sometimes I believe that anyone who has been wrongfully accused in our legal system is fighting for their best interests in court and protecting their constitutional rights.

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If you have questions about a criminal case in Indiana or Indiana expungement laws, and would like to speak with an Indiana criminal defense attorney, call me for a free consultation at 317-695-7700. I have practiced criminal defense throughout my career, taught criminal law at the IU School of Law, and personally handled thousands of cases. I provide criminal defense representation throughout Indiana including Indianapolis, Marion County, Hamilton County, Hendricks County, Boone County, Monroe County, Bloomington, Noblesville, Carmel (compared to other top criminal defense attorneys in the state of Indiana), Fishers, Danville, and Plainfield.

There are 3 levels of misdemeanor charges in Indiana which are A misdemeanor, B misdemeanor and C misdemeanor A misdemeanor is the most serious while C misdemeanor is the most serious A misdemeanor carries a minimum sentence of zero days and a maximum of 365 days B Misdemeanor charges carry a minimum sentence of zero days and a maximum of 180 sentences

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