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Free Lawyer Consultation Montreal – A free legal clinic is coming to Metro Montreal so you can get help with your legal problems

Two people in Place-des-Arts station on the Green Line of the Montreal Metro in 2018. There will be no legal clinic on the station platform.

Free Lawyer Consultation Montreal

Have lunch. Go to the metro. Learn how to sue your landlord. Back to work… Well, it doesn’t work like that. But getting legal advice — or at least guidance on where to find resources — can come in handy by returning to Jurypop’s free walk-up legal clinics in metro Montreal.

New Haven Workers Compensation Lawyer

The organization, which provides low-cost legal services, is setting up Thursdays in March in Place-des-Arts station on the Green Line. In the Facebook post, it said lawyers and notaries will be available for 15-minute sessions with anyone who walks up to their booth.

Examples of situations listed online for which the Juripop Clinic can provide advice include preparing for a divorce, raising rent, helping an ailing parent with their paperwork, incomplete contracts, rewriting a will or modifying a spousal support arrangement.

A free legal clinic is coming to @Montreal Metro, so you can get some help with your legal issues CapCut

The initiative is part of the organization’s Moise de la Justice, which it uses as an occasion to advocate for the accessibility of legal services. On March 31, it is organizing a symposium “where notaries, lawyers, professors and stakeholders will come together to reflect on the issues [to seek justice and identify actions to bring about change].”

Muslim Legal Support Centre (mlsc) Immigration & Refugee Drop In Legal Clinic

Free legal clinics will be held between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. On 2, 9, 16 and 23 March.

Montreal Legal Clinic Free Legal HelpFree Legal ClinicMetro Legal ClinicPlace des ArtsPlace des Arts MetrojuripopFree Lawyer MontrealFree Notary MontrealMontreal MetroA Young Bar of Sits Lawyer at Desk. (Submitted by: Association du Jeune Barreau)

The Young Bar of (YBM) is offering free legal advice over the phone for the 40th edition of its Legal Helpline.

The aim of this helpline is to provide justice to those facing challenging legal issues who want to know more about their rights.

Legal Aid: Free Services For Minors Or People With Low Incomes

YBM is a non-profit organization representing 5,000 lawyers who have been called to the Barreau du Québec for 10 years or less.

“Young lawyers are at the heart of our commitment to bring justice and make a difference in the lives of Quebec citizens year after year,” YBM president Alexandra Paquette said in a statement.

More than 100 lawyers and notaries will work in collaboration with Jeune Barreau de Québec, Jeune Barreau de Laval and the Canadian Association of Paralegals to provide services.

“The Barreau du Québec has long been concerned about access to justice, and is stepping up its efforts to contribute concretely to improving access for the benefit of as many citizens as possible,” said Quebec batonière Catherine Claveau.

Tips For Choosing And Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

Family law, neighbor relations, consumer goods, labor and estate management are the most common topics addressed by callers, YBM said in a press release.

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Concerns over Quebec’s housing tribunal rent hike recommendation “It’s going to be another tough year for renters,” says RCLALQ’s Cédric Dassault, noting that Quebec’s housing tribunal could raise rents by four per cent in 2024, the biggest increase in years. . Alicia Rubertucci reports.

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List of areas of law for which Compass Legal Clinic provides legal information (including but not limited to):

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Which Lawyer To Choose For A Neighborhood Problem?

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Real Estate Lawyer Montreal

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Quebec Unveils Free Legal Consultation For Survivors Of Sexual, Domestic Violence

Our firm’s attorneys practice law in most areas: criminal law, immigration law, civil law, family law, business law, labor law, construction law, challenging tickets and other fields.

Why did we create Montreal Lawyers? The fact is that people who need a lawyer often have an emergency. They want to get a lawyer’s opinion quickly. Our service is innovative because it allows you to speak directly with a lawyer in Montreal, who can provide you with immediate advice over the phone or on line. Then, if necessary, he will refer you to consult with his own or another attorney practicing in the appropriate area of ​​law.

Civil law governs relationships between individuals. The recourse of a civil lawyer arises in all types of civil litigation situations: the case is failure to honor a contract, damages involving third party liability, neighborhood issues, damages caused by acts of bad faith or damages caused by a person’s incompetence, personal injury, etc.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, a Montreal lawyer will put you in direct contact with one of the lawyers at the Cormier Simard firm 24 hours a day. This will take a telephone or online consultation

Experienced Lawyers In Montreal And Laval

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