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Free Legal Consultation Ottawa – If you have been injured or lost a loved one and would like to discuss your case or how we can help you, please call or email us and one of our attorneys will contact you directly. All initial consultations are free.

Coping with serious personal injury is not easy. Dealing with insurance companies and countless forms and timelines can be overwhelming when you or a loved one has suffered a physical injury and are faced with the future.

Free Legal Consultation Ottawa

We make the process easy with a free initial consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys. You can connect with members of our legal team who will listen to your concerns and provide meaningful advice.

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On your first visit, our team will ask you to tell your story. It is heard – not spoken. We will take as much time as necessary to understand what happened, what harm you caused and who may be at fault.

Based on an extensive peer review process, this legal directory identifies the leading lawyers in personal injury litigation and across various practice areas across Canada. The Canadian Legal Lekpert Directory is considered the pre-eminent peer-reviewed directory of legal professionals in Canada.

If you require the services of specialized legal professionals, we strongly recommend the firm of Connolly Obagi LLP.

We offer a free initial consultation. Please contact us today to schedule an initial meeting to discuss the specifics of your case. The Employment Law Clinic is open for a second summer starting June 1, 2021, taking new employment law cases through September 1, 2021. The clinic’s primary goal is to serve low-income people who are experiencing work-related legal problems and cannot afford an attorney. Clinic services are pro bono (free) and available in both official languages.

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Employment law is not generally an area covered by Legal Aid Ontario, although Ottawa area community legal clinics offer some assistance with employment insurance and workplace injury compensation matters. The clinic opened in the summer of 2020 in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment, occupational safety and working conditions. The clinic is run by a team of volunteer paralegals supported by law students under the coordination of the clinic director. In summer 2020, the clinic provided nearly 2,000 hours of free legal aid.

The 2021 edition of the clinic is supported by the Faculty of Law’s Summer Student Support Initiative, which funds summer fellowships for law students, as well as the Law Foundation of Ontario.

Attorneys interested in volunteering as clinic attorneys and willing to supervise a student may contact the clinic. The time commitment is flexible and is typically about 5 hours per week. Students are trained, and tasked with preparing calls, research papers, and letters and petitions. No one wants (and deserves) to be accused of a crime they didn’t commit. But just in case this happens to you or your loved ones, it is wise to seek the services of a top criminal defense lawyer in Ottawa.

How to pay someone can add to the stress of criminal charges. That’s why we’ve included a brief discussion in the following section about how much you can expect to pay for this type of legal service.

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Based on Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s 2020 Legal Fees Survey, the average cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer for one day of a criminal trial in Ontario is between $5,300 and $6,111.

Of course, if you choose a high-profile criminal defense attorney or a reputable law firm, you will likely pay a higher fee for their services.

How complex your case is, whether it will go to trial, how long the trial will take, and other important legal and judicial issues are major factors that can affect your bill.

For some time, hourly fees have become the standard for how criminal defense attorneys charge their clients. Today, you can see many law firms and practices opting for block fees instead.

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Generally, firms that offer fair pricing or block fee pricing are preferred by clients because the attorneys are thought to be more motivated to work for them for a quick positive result. The attorney’s retainer fee is also covered as a percentage of the total retainer fee.

However, the Law Society of Ontario has proposed fee schedules for seniority and experience-based hourly rates. We have prepared a table below to reflect the range of categories and the corresponding rates.

While the above hourly rates are suggested by a reputable law society, individual firms and lawyers may still have their own fees and rate matrix. Fortunately, most of them offer customers a free initial consultation so this is the best time to explain what their rates are.

Now that you have an idea of ​​hourly legal rates and national averages, it’s time to see which criminal defense attorney in Ottawa can best represent your case.

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Impaired and “Over .80”, Assault, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, White Collar Crime, Police Interdiction, Search and Seizure, Possession of a Firearm, Murder, Fraud, Theft and Shoplifting, Mischief, Juvenile Delinquency , bail hearings and reviews

She is available for all matters relating to criminal charges (see list of services above).

What makes her practice stand out is that clients can speak to her directly without having to repeat their stories to lawyers and paralegals. Céline Dostaler is a bilingual attorney who can speak and understand both French and English fluently to avoid any miscommunication or misinterpretation.

Her approach to defending her clients’ cases is to undermine the case by identifying inconsistencies in witnesses and evidence. A look at the cases page on her website shows how Celine Dostaler has reduced or canceled client fees over the years.

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Potential clients can request a 30-minute initial consultation with her at no charge. In addition to discussing the case, Celine Dostaler explains her block payment options and how the criminal court system works to give clients an overview of the legal situation.

“I’ve never been accused before, there was no need to get a lawyer. But when my ex was accused of domestic violence, I knew I needed the best criminal lawyer I could find. Celine did not give up. She was there for me every step of the way, making sure I understood what was going on and getting the charges dropped. Celine won’t regret fighting for you.

“Celine was great to work with! I really appreciated that she was ready to answer all my questions and explain everything to me. I was afraid I would lose my job if I was found guilty. And it’s all because of one thing I did that I was busy and didn’t really think about. After hearing everything my lawyer had to say, the judge acquitted me. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

DUI Offenses, Driving Offenses, Felony Offenses, Violent Offenses, Property Offenses, Drug Offenses, Justice System Offenses, Driver’s License Issues, Serious Driving Offenses, Speeding/Racing Issues, State Offenses, Control Offenses

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No case is too big or too small for criminal defense attorney David Anber to handle. As general counsel at the renowned law firm, he handled over a thousand cases for clients in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

His team consists of himself, associate counsel, paralegal, legal secretary, office staff and extended members. Whether it’s a criminal trial or a traffic court case, clients are guaranteed full attention from the team on their case.

If you want to get a feel for how David Anber and his team win clients over their cases, check out his website. There is a page called Success Stories that describes various criminal defense cases (with anonymous client names) and their verdicts.

We invite clients to contact the Law Offices of David Anber for a free initial consultation 24 hours a day. Those in need of legal aid cases can fill out a form on the site to see if they qualify after a thorough review.

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“David’s dedication, hard work and professionalism helped me get the best results. Choosing David was the smartest thing I could have done and I have my life back because of him. I put my full trust in you and you delivered. Thank you David!”

“Choosing a lawyer is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I went to 6 different law firms before I came across the law office of David Amber. I felt like I made the right decision and thank God I did. So if you’re second-guessing your decision or don’t know which law firm to choose I would choose the Law Offices of David Amber out of 100 times to help you with your decision because you are not only getting an attorney, you are hiring a team of people dedicated to making sure you are clean!Highly Recommended

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