Juvenile Lawyer Near Me

Juvenile Lawyer Near Me

Juvenile Lawyer Near Me – Attorney Mohammad Abuershaid is the founding partner of ALL Trial Lawyers. He is the lead attorney handling the firm’s youth dependency practice (CPS defense). He has counseled and represented hundreds of parents against Child Protective Services (CPS), Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and other social service agency investigations.

Attorney Abuershaid has fought for and defended parents in child custody cases in many counties in Southern California, including but not limited to, Orange County, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Riverside. Mohammad Abuershaid is well-equipped to handle all types of child custody cases, including cases involving claims of neglect or gross negligence, failure to protect, severe physical abuse, positive effects of poisoning on infants, child abuse sexual, broken or fractured bones, head injuries and.

As a family law attorney with ten years of experience, I handle complex family law matters, including divorce, child custody and property division, with a strong commitment to ensuring that my clients’ interests are protected while minimizing stress. emotional. Clear and transparent communication forms the basis of my practice, as I firmly believe that informed clients are empowered clients.

Juvenile Lawyer Near Me

I understand that family law matters can be emotionally charged and challenging for all parties involved. My mission is to guide my clients through these complex issues with compassion and empathy, recognizing that each situation is unique and demands a personal approach. I never sugarcoat the details and am committed to presenting all available options openly and honestly, even when the conversation is difficult.

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DUI Defense and Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel P. Flores has defended more than 2500 DUI and criminal cases throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside and San Bernardino County in nearly 15 years as an attorney certified by the State Bar of California. He is also a member of the California DUI Bar Association and is certified and trained to administer NHTSA’s Standardized Driving Tests. This is the same training law enforcement receives at the academy on how to conduct a DUI investigation and arrest.

Daniel Flores has argued and won motions to suppress, motions to dismiss and successfully obtained not guilty verdicts for his clients after a jury trial. Daniel Flores is considered an elite trial attorney in criminal and DUI defense throughout Southern California.

To work in the field of criminal defense law, and began to fulfill that dream when he began attending Western State University College of Law in Orange County. Shortly after graduating and passing the California State Bar, Ryan began working for a traffic ticket defense firm where he defended numerous traffic violations, misdemeanors, DUI cases, and DMV enforcement on a case-by-case basis. Over the past nine years, Ryan has handled thousands of traffic citations and misdemeanor matters, successfully dismissed cases, and negotiated positive resolutions with police officers and the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Jessica Burger is a law clerk with six years of experience in the field, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every case she handles. As a second-year law student, she combines her academic pursuits with her practical understanding of personal injury law, making her a valuable asset to our team. Jessica’s unwavering dedication makes her an exceptional member of our team, allowing her to approach her work with creativity, compassion and tenacity.

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Serena Karina Pelenghian is a first-generation Armenian college and law student from Arcadia, CA. Serena received her Bachelor of Arts in Critical Theory and Social Justice at Occidental College. He is currently a 3L at the Chapman Dale E. Fowler School of Law, where he leads several student organizations and research projects. Serena has extensive experience in youth dependency, as she was a clerk for Mr. Robert Gerard, and later worked with a child’s lawyer.

Yareem Lopez is a Case Manager with over eleven years of experience in criminal defense. Through his extensive experience, Yareem provides the legal team with support that has helped deliver the best results for all of our clients in California. The senior attorney advised Yareem for nine years, which allowed him to learn the practice areas of Probate, Family Law, and Estate Planning. In addition, his years of experience have exposed him to many areas of law and familiarity with all of California’s courts. Yareem enjoys hiking, surfing and volunteering to help animal rescues in his spare time.

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Most high school students spend their time doing homework, hanging out with friends between classes and stressing about upcoming exams. Cayden Brown does all that – and works as a part-time juvenile defense attorney for the Juvenile Court Program of the 52nd District Court in Oakland County.

In a juvenile delinquency program, defendants are represented, prosecuted and sentenced by a jury with peers, with judicial supervision and adult counseling. The program relies on peer pressure to keep youth out of the traditional court system, with sentencing options including a written apology, community service and counseling.

Knowing that oppression, understanding that struggle and living that struggle every day, but having the resources, tools, knowledge and understanding to fight that injustice on behalf of another? It’s a good thing, and it’s my responsibility.

Brown, 16, lives in Detroit and is a junior at Walled Lake Central High School. He is involved in typical high school clubs: He is a member of the Model United Nations, president of his school’s African American Alliance and student council representative. But outside of school, she focuses on addressing systemic issues in metro Detroit’s juvenile justice system through her work in juvenile court and the organization she founded, the Trespass Project.

Lawyer Near Me Criminal Defense Lawyer St. Louis, Mo

Brown: The juvenile justice system and the justice system in general is pretty amazing. It is something that is written systematically in a foreign language, and most of us do not understand it. We often get caught up in it, especially for people like me.

When I go to court, I advocate on their behalf. I look them (judges) in the eyes and tell them, “This is a human being.” They’ve had these struggles in their lives that you can’t imagine.” I bring a different perspective by being a 16-year-old of color. Seeing me in their position makes them pay attention to what’s going on with the mission because of my age and the way I look.

You launched the Trespass Project in June to improve youth literacy. Why was this a necessary step in your career? Legal literacy equals liberation. The mission of the Trespass Project is to increase that literacy. I find many people in positions of influence who are minorities and talk about their impact (including young people) when it comes to the law. I have people who work in media companies, so they understand the media’s role in showing the world the face of Blackness. I take someone from each field so they can talk about the oppression (they face) and how they deal with it while giving tips to others. This is not only for them to feel seen but also for (young people) to have the necessary equipment (to thrive).

Juvenile Defense Lawyer Near Me St. Louis

There are many systemic barriers to people of color in this country. Therefore, the Trespass Project works to empower people of color to infiltrate those positions of power so they can actually make the changes they want to see. We often protest, advocate and do these different things to make a difference. But one of the biggest ways to make a difference is to be in a position of influence, to have that final call.

How do you cope with taking on such a difficult task knowing that you have your entire career ahead of you? It is my responsibility. It is my duty to my ancestors. They fought hard for the freedom and liberty that we already have. It is my job to carry that torch and continue that culture because the struggle is not over. If I have that ability, I will use it. You don’t have to wait to make changes. Being young brings more attention so use whatever you are gifted with to your full potential.

Cps Defense & Juvenile Dependency Lawyer Near Me Beverly Hills Ca

Honestly, I have to constantly remind myself why I do things because it’s so easy to get caught up. I have my whole life to do this. I can make changes at any time. I am young. But if God has put this idea in my brain, then I am doing bad things to the people around me, my community and all.

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