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Affa Ipr Raih Penghargaan The Top Law Firm In Indonesia For Ip Enforcement Dari Asia Business Law Journal

The results show that four categories are served by almost every law firm on the top 30 list, while the remaining 16 categories are served by an average of dozens of law firms, some of which are just a matter of fingers.

(corporate actions), including mergers and acquisitions, the most widely available. A total of 27 law firms provide legal services in this field. The next largest number, respectively, is Arbitration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution (legal or non-legal dispute resolution), as well as Projects, Mining, Energy and Renewable Energy (Energy and Mineral Resources) by 24 law firms.

In addition, there are 23 law firms that provide banking and finance (banking and finance) legal services. This category also includes various startups (startup companies) in the technology sector, especially fintech.

Legal services for tax and international trade (taxes and international business transactions), forestry and plantation (processing of forest and plantation products) and aviation (flights) are available from eight law firms. Unexpectedly, the top 30 list includes five large law firms that provide personalized services specifically for private clients.

Wlp Law Firm Duduki Peringkat 11 Midsize Corporate Lawyer 2021

There are four law firms that provide services in the field of Islamic law (Islamic law), especially for various aspects of financial transactions. The practice area least served by law firms in the top 30 is private equity and investment management (investment fund management) with only three law firms.

Of course, services in each practice area are based on market demand calculations and profit forecasts. Bono Daru Aji, Managing Partner of Assegaf Hamzah & Partners (AHP) admitted this. “As a business entity, we are developing

Siregar Setiawan Manalu Partnership (SSMP) managing partner Nien Raffles Siregar explained the same. “Start-up capital is certainly an area we are good at, followed by market demand

Who already have considerable career experience. Raffles shared his experience of co-founding SSMP. “We start with our career experience, then expand into areas closely related to our experience

Adco Law And Senior Partner Dendi Adisuryo Shortlisted For Hukum Online Indonesian In House Counsel Awards 2023

Zubaida Jufri, Managing Partner of SIP Law Firm, simply sums it up. “Of course, because there are those who need it and we are ready to serve

– he said, whose name is Ida. He admitted that he regularly assesses the potential for the development of lawyers’ skills based on market demand. “We are preparing resources and what needs are currently evolving,” Ida added.

The problem with market demand opportunities is that there aren’t always many potential customers. All three agreed that predictions of rapid growth in certain industries could serve as a basis for opening up practice areas. Bono cited the example of AHP not having certain clients when opening a new practice area

. In fact, Dentons HPRP was listed as the only law firm serving practice areas in all research categories

Adu Spesialis Corporate Law Firm Besar Indonesia 2020

“Some of Denton’s HPRP has experience running jobs, there are some that we’re resourcing from scratch, even though the job doesn’t exist yet.

(Photo collage from left) Zubaidah Jufri (Managing Partner SIP Law Firm), Bono Daru Adji (Managing Partner Assegaf Hamzah & Partners), Nien Rafles Siregar (Managing Partner Siregar Setiawan Manalu Partnership) and Andre Rahadian (Partart).

Pioneering the development of practice areas that are not yet popular is also an investment in itself for law firms. Andre explained this as a strategy in the face of business competition for local and regional legal services. “If you can

Both Dentons HPRP and AHP recognize that their expertise is not limited to foreign law firm affiliations. There is no requirement to be in the same practice area as their affiliate. Both independently identify areas of practice that will benefit them.

Allen & Overy Indonesia

It appears that there are many considerations that can be applied to the specialization of a law firm’s practice area. Including building a strong image in marketing, as Raffles said, “I agree to become a specialist in a certain field.

Makarim & Taira S. Nah’R Murdono Law Office – Law Firm Collaborative Success Trail

Do you want to know the 99 best corporate law firms in Indonesia 2020? SIP Law Firm: Maintaining Trust in Quality and Integrity Daniel Danu Prayogo, our Managing Partner, is an Indonesian lawyer with extensive experience, talent and in-depth experience in representing high-profile corporations in various corporate legal disputes in Indonesia. .

Throughout his career, he has represented numerous state-owned businesses, crypto-asset developers, payroll services companies, joint ventures, shipping companies, trading companies, food and beverage companies, high-net-worth individuals and many mixed-marriage couples.

Makarim & Taira S

He has particular experience in protecting the rights of his clients in Indonesia and has established close contacts with businessmen and government officials there.

His areas of expertise include corporate law, commercial litigation, debt and asset recovery, IPR protection, investment law, shipping law, crypto-assets, and company formation and licensing. He currently focuses primarily on corporate law, commercial litigation, debt and asset recovery.

He has a double degree in economics and law and has significant experience in banking and finance, management and family law.

Together with the Managing Partner, he aggressively manages and expands PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN to become one of Indonesia’s most respected law firms.

Lowongan Internship Integrity Law Firm

Mr. Tom is an affiliate partner of ours who has served as counsel in the defense of numerous companies and individuals before Indonesian courts.

He specializes in civil and criminal law, banking and finance law, mining law, maritime and shipping law, state enterprise law and company law.

He has distinguished experience as a litigator and has built strong relationships with the Indonesian government, businessmen and law enforcement officials.

Mr. Anton Nainggolan is our senior partner who has served as a lawyer in the defense of many companies and individuals before Indonesian courts.

Ssek Lawyers Recognized By Iflr1000 For Indonesia

He specializes in civil and criminal law, banking and finance law, mining law, maritime and shipping law, state enterprise law and company law.

Rapen Sinaga is our affiliate partner who has served as counsel for numerous companies and individuals in Indonesian courts.

He specializes in investment law, corporate law, banking and finance, insurance, labor law, land and property law and immigration law.

He has distinguished experience in the field of investment law and has built strong relationships with the Indonesian government and business people.

Darma Kusuma On Linkedin: Congratulations To Sip Law Firm Team For Being Recognizable In…

Immanuel Tobing is our affiliate partner who has served as counsel in the defense of numerous companies and individuals before Indonesian courts.

He specializes in civil and criminal law, land and property law, investment law, labor law, family law and general corporate law.

Reza Boentoro is our affiliate partner who has served as counsel in the defense of numerous companies and individuals before Indonesian courts.

He specializes in criminal and commercial litigation, land and property law, debt and asset recovery, family law and company law.

Advokat Dan Konsultan Hukum Indonesia

He has distinguished experience in the field of land and property law and has built strong relationships with the Indonesian government and business people.

Polybios Pangaribuan is our affiliate partner who has served as counsel in the defense of many companies and individuals before Indonesian courts.

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Corporate Lawyer Jakarta Corporate Lawyer Indonesia Corporate Legal Jakarta Corporate Lawyer Company Lawyer Brand & Copyright Lawyer Bankruptcy Lawyer Debts & Claims Lawyer Litigation Lawyer Legal Case Lawyer Jakarta – Hukumonline pro published the best Indonesian law firm of 2023. This year’s event is online legal. Sixth for the first time and has been joined by thousands of law offices as customers and has access to legal online pro products.

Wiem Law Firm

Interestingly, Saputra & Tampa Law, founded by Mualim Tampa, together with Andrico Saputra and Sudharmono Saputra since 2016, won the award as the best law office and entered the top 100 law firms in Indonesia, ranked 31st in 2023.

Not only that, Saputra & Tampa Law also managed to reach 28th place in the Top 50 Largest Full Service Law Firms in Indonesia in 2023.

Hukumonline pro is known to be an important tool that helps lawyers and legal practitioners in general to provide the best, reliable and quality legal advice or service to their clients.

Indonesia’s top 100 law firms aim to present a line of leading law offices that suit consumers or those looking for the right legal services, both corporate and individual.

Hukumonline’s Top 100 Indonesian Law Firms For 2022

At the same time, Indonesia’s top 100 law firms are trying to strengthen their legal offices in markets at home and abroad.

For this achievement, Mualim Tampa is grateful that Saputra & Tampa Law was able to win this award and improve on its 2022 ranking of 40th.

“Thank God, in the last 7 years, Saputra & Tampa law firm has gained the trust of the public and is among the best law offices in Indonesia that have been around for decades,” said Mualim Tampa, Saturday (30/6/). 2023).

According to Mualim, this achievement cannot be separated from the work of his colleagues at the Saputra & Tampa law firm. This man from Bulukumba & Sinjai Regency hopes that Saputra & Tampa Law Firm can gain more public trust and become more advanced.

Law Office Yang & Co

“Thank you for your trust in Saputra & Tampa Law Firm. Hopefully, this can be capital to further develop and improve the quality of our services,” he explained. (*)

A judge of the Makassar District Court justified the former director of PT CLM Helmut Hermavan, a lawyer: Our clients were innocent from the beginning to be welcome to the law firm’s official website. We are a well -known law firm in South Jakarta. Have an experienced expert team

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