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Lawyer Gratis – Perhaps many of you already know that there are free legal aid services that people can use. Basically, there are many ways for the general public to get free legal assistance from lawyers and legal aid institutions.

There are two types of free legal aid that the public can use. The first type of free legal aid is the assistance provided by legal aid institutions. Another type that you can use to get free legal assistance is through lawyers who provide free services or what is usually called pro bono. However, to obtain it, several conditions are required to be able to obtain free legal assistance.

Lawyer Gratis

Because there are two types of free legal aid that can be used, the requirements that must be submitted are of course different. For this reason, the following are the necessary conditions for legal assistance from both pro bono lawyers and legal aid institutions.

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In the provisions of Article 3 and Article 10 of PP 83/2008 and Article 5 of the Indonesian Defense Association Regulation No. 1 of 2010 regarding the Application Guide for Free Legal Aid (“Peraturan PerADI 1/2010”) pro bono provisions are not limited to . indoor trial / trial (at each level of the judicial process), but also carried out outside the court.

And in this case, the advocates are also not allowed to give treatment different from providing legal assistance which is given by payment or honorarium. So, even if it is free or just for free, the legal assistance provided by the lawyer will always be as optimal as possible. In order to get free legal assistance from a pro bono lawyer, you must prepare several conditions, such as:

Especially for SKTM or a certificate of incapacity, it is an absolute requirement that must be fulfilled according to the regulations of Law 18/2003, PP 83/2008, and Peradi Regulation 1/2010 which states that a lawyer is required to provide legal assistance. free for those seeking justice in a state of insufficiency.

Almost identical to the requirements that must be met when applying for free legal aid through a lawyer or pro bono lawyer, the requirements for obtaining free legal aid from legal aid institutions must also be met by the applicant. Some of the requirements for obtaining legal assistance through LBH include:

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What you must remember about free legal assistance from LBH or community organizations is that the assistance is provided specifically to people or groups who are really disadvantaged and are people who cannot fulfill the basic rights of daily life such as food, housing or education.

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Or lawyer in Indonesian is a person who provides legal services and provides defense to “represent” a person in solving a legal case. This profession, which is also often called a lawyer, is often considered prestigious by society, because it has the potential to have high income.

Many people think that all law graduates automatically become lawyers after graduation. In fact, there are certain steps that must be passed before finally being appointed and sworn in as a lawyer.

Apart from having a legal education, before being appointed as a lawyer you must first take the Special Education for the Defense Profession (PKPA). PKPA pays for additional education and is organized by educational institutions/institutions that have collaborated with advocacy organizations. Generally the period of education varies, some are 2 days, some are 7 days, depending on each organized institution. At PKPA you will get an overview of the world of defense and the legal profession directly from experts. Apart from this, you will also be guided in more depth regarding various legal insights and skills that are not taught in college.

After graduating and receiving a certificate from PKPA, the next step you must take is the Advocate Professional Examination (UPA). As with PKPA, you must also prepare UPA expenses. However, it is not as big as the PKPA fee, you only have to spend IDR 1,000,000. This UPA material is the material presented when you take the Special Education for the Defense Profession (PKPA), including the code of ethics for lawyers, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law, religious civil procedure law and others.

Anies Bakal Buka Layanan Pengacara Gratis, Hotman Paris Buka Suara

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can now participate in UPA online. Don’t forget to prepare all the existing files and of course re-study the knowledge you acquired both on campus and during the PKPA period, ok?

In the explanation of Article 3 paragraph (1) letter g of the Advocate Law, it is explained that the purpose of an internship is for potential candidates to have practical experience that supports the ability, competence and ethics in carrying out their profession.

The internship takes place before the potential candidate is appointed as an attorney and takes place in the attorney’s office. Indeed, an internship does not have to be done in a single law office, but the most important thing is that the internship must be done continuously and for at least 2 (two) years.

After following the set of requirements and steps above, you will be nominated and officially hold the status of an advocate by an advocacy organization. After that, before you perform your duties as a lawyer, you are also required to take the lawyer’s oath.

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When you complete this step, you are ready to carry out your profession as a lawyer who defends justice and upholds the law and the truth.

4.      Online Legal Research and Analysis, supervised by Christina Desy, S.H., LL.M, Manager of Legal Research and Analysis.

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Lbh Indonesia Peduli Buka Konsultasi Dan Bantuan Hukum Gratis

Friday 17/06/2022 when confirmed by several media. Raimond Frangki said legal consultations are free to the public.

Lawyer Raimond Franki Wantalangi, S.H. conduct free legal consultation every Saturday from 09.00-11.00 WIB at his place of business at Jalan Parit H. Muksin 2 Foodcort Mandiri, Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya Regency.

“This consulting activity gives insight to people who do not understand the law, especially many people who are stuck in legal problems,” he said.

“Usually other advocates give a 1-hour legal consultation at a rate of 100 thousand, of course an hour of legal discussion is not enough,” he explained.

Layanan Konsultasi Gratis Pengacara Perceraian Di Ponorogo

Raimond added that the concept of legal consultation is almost the same as Kondang Hotman Paris Lawyer who provides legal consultation in coffee shop. He also said that he opened legal consultation in his business stand on Jalan Parit H. Muksin 2 Foodcort Mandiri.

He hopes that in the future he can have a positive impact on society and legal consultation so that people can see the correct legal system. (Sabirin)

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