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Legal Advice Bc Free – If I do not qualify for free help because I earn too much, there is no alternative but to pay the full cost of legal services.

Depending on the complexity of your legal issues, it may be helpful to have a lawyer help you. There are options for free and low-cost legal help.

Legal Advice Bc Free

One option is Access Pro Bono’s summary advice program. At clinics across British Columbia, volunteer lawyers provide up to half an hour of free legal advice on a range of legal matters.

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Access Pro Bono also runs specialized programs that offer free assistance (including in some cases representation) to those experiencing certain legal problems.

Legal Aid BC provides free legal advice and other services to people who meet financial guidelines and who are experiencing certain types of legal problems, such as family, criminal and immigration problems.

The Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS) provides free assistance to British Columbians on modest incomes facing certain types of legal issues, including evictions, human rights complaints and employment-related issues.

The Everyone Legal Clinic offers affordable legal services to all British Columbians. The clinic, run by Access Pro Bono, has a fixed fee and provides help on a range of legal matters. Examples include filing a human rights complaint, reviewing a contract and making a will. You make an initial appointment with a doctor to see how they can help you. They will provide you with a quote detailing the scope and fee for the services you require. You may end up paying less than the specified amount, but you will never pay more.

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An emerging option that can reduce costs is to look for a lawyer who offers separate legal services. Instead of hiring a lawyer to handle your entire case, you can hire a lawyer to handle specific parts. Doing so “separates” those tasks from the parts you can do yourself.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to get help from other lawyers. A notary public is a legal professional authorized to provide many non-controversial legal services to the public. For example, a notary can draw up powers of attorney, representation agreements and most types of wills. They also certify signatures on documents.

Legal advocates provide free support, advocacy and information to low-income or marginalized people with legal problems. Advocates typically work from local agencies, such as community service centers, churches, or women’s centers.

At legal student clinics in the Lower Mainland and Victoria, law students can help those who would otherwise not be able to afford legal aid. The students help with legal problems such as tenancy or work problems, access to government benefits, (less serious) prosecutions and small claims.

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Helps you connect with a lawyer for a free 15-minute consultation to see if you want to hire them. Advice for low income people in the square on Wednesday 6 September from 10:00 to 14:00. at 13450 104th Ave.

September marks the 10th anniversary of the Pro Bono Going Public advice-a-thon clinics, designed to help those who may otherwise have limited access to traditional free legal advice clinics.

Volunteer attorneys work in one-hour shifts to advise individual clients in an outdoor setting. Pre-booked and drop-in appointments are available. To make an appointment in advance, call 604-878-7400.

The events are planned by Access Pro Bono, a Vancouver-based organization that envisions “a legal system where limited resources are not a barrier to obtaining quality legal services.”

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“Our hope is that each volunteer attorney will raise an amount equal to or above their billable hourly rate,” the website states. “Our ultimate goal is to serve the public, to spread awareness of attorneys’ efforts to increase access to justice, and to raise $75,000 or more for our important programs.”

“Advice-A-Thon” clinics will also be held in Vancouver (September 8), Kelowna (September 12) and Victoria (September 15). In addition, a province-wide telephone clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19 at 16-18.

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Dialogue and debate are an integral part of a free society and we welcome and encourage you to share your views on the issues of the day. We ask that you respect others and their points of view, refrain from personal attacks and stay on topic. To learn more about our commenting policies and how our community-based moderation works, read our Community Guidelines. If you need to find a lawyer for legal advice or talk to a British Columbia lawyer now, Referrals Deliver. Were you injured in a slip and fall, accident or car accident? Need legal aid lawyers in Vancouver? Slip and fall injury? will refer you to the right Surrey Personal Injury lawyers. With most, you don’t pay until you win and collect. Have you been arrested or charged in Duncan or Abbotsford? will find the best Chilliwack Criminal lawyer or in Victoria so that the best criminal law firm defends you. Need Campbell River Legal Aid Lawyers? Slip and fall injury in Vancouver? were you injured in a slip and fall accident or a car accident in Nanaimo? will refer you to the right Victoria Personal Injury lawyers. Generally, you don’t pay until you win and collect.

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BC LAWYERS WILL REPLY TO YOU DIRECTLY WITHIN HOURS Need Legal Advice Talk to a British Columbia Lawyer Now

When you need a personal injury attorney or a personal injury lawyer use the free attorney referral service. Many lawyers offer half-hour consultations. If it wasn’t for my lawyer, I would still be in jail. It was much faster with two people digging. Joe Martin, Mister Boffo If you have a criminal case, you need to ask a divorce attorney or a family law attorney. Lawyers will contact you within a few hours. Every area of ​​law and type of case is covered. Every BC city, town and village is covered. Only has 100% coverage If you have any type of legal problem, you need a top rated lawyer. We know Vancouver lawyers. Do you need an immigration lawyer in Vancouver or Kelowna? No problem. Just fill out the referral form.

No matter what legal questions or legal needs you have, we have lawyers all over British Columbia BC who can help you. Our service is fast, confidential and free If you are seeking a Kamloops divorce, our referral service will find you the best divorce lawyer or family law firm. Every area of ​​law and type of case covered – How can help you? If you have any type of legal problem, you need a top rated lawyer.

When you have a legal matter and need Penticton medical abuse lawyers, Surrey immigration lawyers, Aldergrove wrongful termination lawyers or just want to buy or sell a house or property in Vernon, you will find the right lawyers and law firms. There is never any fee for our service. Just fill out this attorney referral form and we’ll get started helping you

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How to find Vancouver lawyers or Victoria legal aid lawyers, talk to Vernon criminal lawyers, Abbotsford Divorce lawyers. Ask Chilliwack Personal Injury Lawyers for legal advice. We have Fort St John Criminal Lawyers available for your case, Find British Columbia Law Firms, British Columbia Lawyers, British Columbia Law Society. Lawyers who are members of the Law Society of British Columbia BC endorse and recommend and use our services in their own law firms

Meet at their law office. No matter what type of legal problem you have, be it civil law, labor law, malpractice or civil rights, when you need legal advice from a law firm, need legal services or are looking for pro bono lawyers who offer free legal advice, legal assistance, power of attorney, legal aid online, ask

You can talk to a bankruptcy lawyer, Vancouver divorce lawyer, family law, employment lawyers or a lawyer, DUI lawyer. Do you want a real estate lawyer? Immigration lawyer? Get free legal advice from a corporate lawyer or legal help from any lawyer. Fired, unfair dismissal? Ask an employment law, lawyer.

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HOW TO GET THE RIGHT TYPE OF BC LAWYER OR PARALEGAL Please fill out this form for your free lawyer. Faster. Better than any law firm.

Helps people just like you find real solutions to real legal problems. Know your rights. Do you think you have a case? How much is your case worth?

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Is the first, FREE, online citizen to find lawyer referral service for individuals or businesses needing lawyers, or legal advice, legal aid or related legal services for any reason, anywhere in Canada. You can trust.

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