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Legal Advice Free Australia – This article was co-authored by Jennifer Mueller, JD. Jennifer Mueller is a family law expert Jennifer reviews, fact-checks and evaluates legal content to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. He received his JD from Indiana University Moore School of Law in 2006.

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Legal Advice Free Australia

The Australian Government offers a number of ways you can get free legal advice, depending on your income and your legal needs Basic phone legal assistance is available to anyone, answering legal questions over the phone or referring you to an appropriate attorney based on your needs. If you have low income, you may also be eligible for a legal aid grant, through which an attorney can represent you in court. If you are not eligible for a legal aid grant but still cannot afford legal aid, you can get help from a Community Legal Center (CLC) near you.

Dropshipping Legal Requirements

This article was co-authored by Jennifer Mueller, JD. Jennifer Mueller is a family law expert Jennifer reviews, fact-checks and evaluates legal content to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. He received his J.D. from Indiana University Moore School of Law in 2006. This article has been viewed 1,402 times. If you don’t pay the penalty you are not aware of your options and the consequences Here’s everything you need to know

Rule number one when getting a fine: Don’t ignore it, fines can be huge if not paid on time. Source: Getty Images

If you get a fine, don’t ignore it! Fines only increase over time and are added to fines if you ignore them for longer periods of time.

If you receive a fine and you’re not sure what to do, or you want to fight it or you want expert advice, contact Legal Aid.

Darwin Community Legal Service

Free legal aid is available when you receive a fine and want to dispute it or seek a penalty Source: AAP

Legal Aid can also help you in certain situations, such as severe financial hardship or to access special programs if you suffer from mental illness.

Paula Novotna, from Legal Aid NSW, says there is a special provision under the law for people who can show they don’t have enough money to pay the fine.

For example Legal Aid NSW’s Work and Development Order (WDO) program lets you pay off debt with volunteer work, treatment programs, counselling, courses and other activities.

Free Immigration Advice

If you have accumulated a debt, there are options available to help you pay it off Source: AAP

If you have questions or need help with fines, contact Legal Aid Each Australian state has a phone number you can call to receive free advice

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There are eight legal aid commissions in Australia, one in each state and territory The purpose of the commission is to provide access to justice for vulnerable, disadvantaged and newly arrived Australians, but all people are entitled to free legal advice. They provide legal aid services in criminal, family and civil law matters

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If you need more than legal advice, you can be provided with a lawyer to help you with your case However, court representation is regulated by legal aid and is not always free

For example in NSW you can get legal aid grants and the amount you get depends on your financial situation and what type of legal problem you have.

Immigration Advice and Law Centers provide advice on most areas of immigration law, including assistance with petitions and appeals.

Provides information, support and settlement assistance to migrants, refugees and humanitarian aid workers Here are some of the centers you can find in your state:

Hiring A Lawyer

Many public libraries in Australia also have legal information access centers that provide free information about the law

You can get free legal advice over the phone or in person If you need an interpreter, you can call the Translation and Interpretation Service TIS on 131 450

Follow Nepali Facebook Twitter Our Apps Audios Android On Demand Android Our Podcasts Nepali-based news and stories connect you with life in Australia and Nepali-speaking Australians. Exclusive in-language podcasts on your favorite podcast app Watch Nepali News Watch it on Demand Watch Now Explore TV on Demand News Audio Language Vietnamese Korean / Korean View all languages ​​1800 500 727 (Toll Free) Help Center Locked Bag 028, Kau Nest NSW 1585 Facebook You Tube Instagram Twitter Link In Copyright Terms & Conditions Privacy Your Online Preferences Sales & Advertising Complaints Practice Career About Us Acknowledgments Traditional Custodians. and their connectivity and continued care for air, land and waterways across Australia The Migrant Employment Legal Service (MELS) in NSW offers free legal advice to migrants from a range of backgrounds and temporary visa holders facing exploitation at work.

The service is a joint project between Inner City Legal Centre, Marrickville Legal Centre, Redfern Legal Center and Kingsford Legal Center and solicitors from these centers work hard to find out their employment rights.

Legal Advice Request

Diane Anagnos, Principal Solicitor at Kingsford Legal Centre, said: “MELS can provide professional advice and in some cases free representation in a free and confidential manner on 8002 1203.

“Our typical clients are usually people who have arrived in Australia and want advice about some injustice they have experienced in the workplace – be it being fired, being bullied, not being paid fairly or being discriminated against by their employer.

We also advise people who have lived in Australia for a long time but are having trouble getting the advice they need because they are not fluent in English or cannot access information about their rights. “

MELS coordinator Thina Balakisanon added and explained that those immigrants who are not fluent in English are advised in different languages, including Greek.

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“Immigrants face particular difficulties when it comes to taking action to redress injustices at work, whether it is wage theft, bullying, sexual harassment or unfair dismissal. So it is important for anyone in this situation to get advice about their options. “

And with unemployment rates high in Australia with the coronavirus pandemic, free legal services seem more important than ever.

“We’ve definitely had an increase in reaching people with MELS (due to COVID-19). Some people have questions about their options when they have a job when they are under extra pressure at work,” explained Ms. Balakisanan.

“Those who have lost their jobs or those who are “on hold” are not sure what their options are Many people are confused about their entitlement to JobKeeper payments. MELS can advise on all these situations

Easy Ways To Get Free Legal Advice In Australia

If you or someone you know is in the above situation and would like free, professional and confidential advice, you can contact MELS on 8002 1203 or visit their website here.

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