Turkish Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Turkish Immigration Lawyer Near Me – At BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to foreign clients who wish to live, invest, establish a company or apply for Turkish citizenship in Turkey.

As Turkish lawyers who are fluent in English, we are happy to assist our foreign clients in Istanbul during their legal processes.

Turkish Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Foreigners may need certain legal permits to live in Turkey. For those who wish to visit Turkey only for tourism purposes, a visa application may be sufficient. However, the visa only allows a short stay in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship And Immigration Lawyers

Foreigners who want to live in Turkey for a long time must apply for a residence or work permit.

At BAL Law Firm, we process legal permit applications, including residence and work permits, for our foreign clients under the Aliens and Nationality Act. Learn more →

However, foreigners living in Turkey with legal permission may face some legal risks due to non-compliance with certain obligations. These may include visa violations, deportation sanctions, administrative supervision sanctions, entry bans to Turkey, and administrative fines.

Another issue that foreigners who plan to live in Turkey for a long time need to consider is where they will live while in Turkey.

What It’s Best To Have Asked Your Teachers About Turkish Immigration Lawyer

Foreigners can meet their accommodation needs by staying in hotels for a short time. However, foreigners who want to live in Turkey for a long time should either buy real estate or rent an apartment.

At BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to our foreign clients regarding the purchase or investment of real estate in Turkey. Learn more →

In addition, we offer legal support in resolving disputes related to landlord-tenant law or rental contracts to meet the housing needs of foreigners. As BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to our foreign clients regarding the purchase or investment of real estate in Turkey. Learn more →

In order for foreigners to work in Turkey, they must obtain a work permit either through an employment contract as an employee-employer relationship, or as a shareholder or manager of a company.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment For Russians

Foreigners who obtain a work permit do not need to obtain a separate residence permit. Therefore, the work permit also gives the possibility to live in Turkey.

BAL Law Firm provides legal services to foreign clients who wish to open a company in Turkey and in their commercial activities. Learn more →

The easiest way to live in Turkey is to obtain Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship allows you to live in any city in Turkey for as long as you want. In addition, obtaining Turkish citizenship also comes with all the rights granted to citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained under general conditions such as descent, marriage and continuous residence. In addition, it is also possible to obtain citizenship through investment in Turkey with special facilities. As BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to our foreign clients for the purchase or investment of real estate in Turkey. Learn more →

Immigration Lawyer In Turkey

BAL Law Firm’s English-speaking immigration lawyers provide legal services to clients who are living, starting a business or experiencing legal problems in Turkey. Migration occurs for a variety of reasons, with the most common reasons being: economic, political, and war-related migration report. For the vast majority of global migration. Many people around the world are affected by immigration, especially illegal immigration. Although the need to regulate immigration on a statutory basis arose many years ago, immigration law and enforcement have been the subject of intense debate, particularly in recent years.

Immigration law arose to control travel abroad and establish standards for controlling the flow of immigrants into the country. It facilitates population management, maintains national security, and ensures the successful assimilation of immigrants into the host society. Immigration law also outlines procedures for dealing with undocumented immigration and asylum seekers, in addition to protecting the rights of both immigrants and citizens.

Since the concept of immigration by its very nature brings complex problems, many studies have been conducted at the national and international arena to regulate foreign migration, and these studies and agreements between countries have been the source of immigration law. Along with the agreements to which Turkey is a signatory, our domestic legislation also regulates immigration and its consequences in various areas of law.

Immigration law generally deals with issues such as residency and citizenship. Turkey attracts the attention of many people every year with its advanced capabilities compared to neighboring countries, its natural beauty and other possibilities. In this regard, Turkish residence permit and citizenship is an issue that worries many foreigners. Each country has its own rules for obtaining residence permits and citizenship. If a person wants to buy it from a foreign country, there are many legal issues to be aware of. This includes things like application methods, required documents and prerequisites.

Turkey Permanent Residency

Due to the ever-changing nature of immigration laws and general migrant procedures in Turkey, the assistance of a lawyer or legal expert may be necessary for those seeking permanent migration to Turkey. An immigration lawyer in Turkey specializing in immigration law will ensure that your immigration process is carried out from a legal point of view while providing the necessary legal assistance throughout the process.

Turkish immigration lawyers with a high level of English language skills provide expertise in Turkish law as well as direct communication without language barriers in assisting those wishing to immigrate to Turkey. In this way, lawyers who have no problems in face-to-face communication with clients will take into account their wishes and try to make the process as accurate as possible for their clients and provide services that include legal rights and client requirements. Considered as a priority in the general context.

Turkish Immigration Law refers to a wide range of issues Turkish Citizenship Law no. 5901, Aliens and International Protection Law No. 6458 and related legislation. This different legislation aims to set out the requirements and procedures that individuals must follow in order to legally enter and remain in Turkey. Important areas of Turkish immigration law include:

The residence permit is valid for foreign nationals who will stay in Turkey for the duration of their visa or visa exemption or 90 days. This should be obtained from the provincial immigration office where it is located. As a legal document, it shows the period of the foreigner’s stay in Turkey. This document is important for reasons such as maintaining public order, avoiding negative situations and identifying foreign nationals in Turkey. However, individual applications can be made in Turkey. Residence permit, the process can be slow or some mistakes can be made because people are not familiar with the law. If you want to apply for a residence permit, the help of professional lawyers can help you in this process.

Top 5 Benefits Of Being A Turkish Citizen

There are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, if a foreigner wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, he should know:

In addition, there are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Each route has important details that you should know. People should pay attention to this for the application to be successful. The help of professional lawyers in this process will allow you to find the most suitable way to get citizenship and know how to apply for it.

Settling in Turkey can be fast for a variety of reasons. In general, this can be referred to as short-term Turkish residence permit, long-term residence permit, student residence permit, and family residence permit. According to the residence permit, a person applies for applications, documents to be prepared, important issues. They need to know and the conditions they need to meet can vary greatly. In this regard, there are many mistakes that people can make during the process without the help of an expert lawyer. If you want to avoid these mistakes, it is recommended that you contact legal firms that will serve you as experts in Istanbul Turkey Residence Permit. As a result, you can get legal support on matters of interest to you and complete the application process more accurately and quickly. You can complete your application by properly preparing all the required documents.

Together with our experienced attorneys, the law firm offers legal expertise in immigration law. In order to ensure the best interests of our clients, we guide the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship, obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment and real estate purchase, managing the application process for residence permit, managing the application process for work permit, asylum application and other related issues related to the rights of immigrants and procedures for moving to Turkey regarding Along with all the procedures, we monitor your cases related to immigration law and offer immediate help and assistance in case of any legal complications.

Rejection Of Residence Permit Applications In Türkiye

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, they must first demonstrate that they meet the conditions set by Turkish law. And there are two main ways for people who meet the conditions to become Turkish citizens: by general acceptance of Turkish citizenship and by special acceptance of Turkish citizenship. As for the special purchase of Turkish

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